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♪ in the news this saturday morning, officials say the radiation around a nuclear power plant is decreasing following an explosion, pressure that has been mounting causing the plant's cooler system to fail. the crew resumes cleaning up the santa cruz harbor where the tsunami caused millions of dollars worth of damage yesterday. >> we still have a tsunami advisory in effect. but for us here around the bay, a fairly pleasant day ahead. mostly cloudy conditions and i'll tell you when we can expect some rain. >> good morning, everyone. it's 6:00. thanks for joining us. i'm jenelle wang. the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami, an explosion rocked a power plant after authorities warned of a possible core meltdown.
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a massive blast tore down the walls of one building but the metal-held reactor corey mains intact. four workers are dead though and still major concerns about the reactor leaking radiation. the pressure in the reactor is decreasing. evacuations though have been ordered for 12 miles around the plant. the official death toll from friday's quake is 574 with 600 missing and at least 1100 injured. rob nelson begins our coverage. >> as rescuers search frantically for survivors and fires burn out of control, an explosion rocks a nuclear power plan facing a possible meltdown. footage showed the crumbled remains of one building and puffs of smoke spewing out of the plant. >> this is not good news. if the containment structure has indeed collapsed, that would mean a complete exposure to the core to the outside air, loss of
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the cool yant and meltdown. >> there is good news. a woman and a young child pulled alive from the rubble. the 8.9 magnitude monster quake struck japan friday afternoon. millions of survivors are without power, many homeless. highways and suburban streets had literally been split open. it all started early friday morning 15 miles below the ocean surface. the earth's plates shifted one opening up over the other. that led to a 23 foot tsunami. boats and shipping containers tossed around like toys, whole buildings collapsed. this oil refinery exploded and power was cut to the nuclear power plant. experts believe the quake knocked out the power to the primary and backup water pump that cools the plant's uranium core. if there's no water, there's no
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cooling and that could trigger a release of radioactive steam into the environment. or if the level drops enough the core is exposed and that could cause a meltdown. >> travelers trying to get to japan waited anxiously at san francisco international airport. japan airlines brought an empty plane to san francisco to pick up hundreds of passengers bound for tokyo's airport. one left with almost 300 people on board. many are worried about friends and family back home. >> maybe didn't get hit too back but have a power shortage for a few hours. >> my family's okay. now it's over a thousand people have died so far. >> and a little afraid to go home 'cause i don't know a mess it is in japan. >> our flight's been delayed about five hours. i think we can make it because the other airport is open. >> it's fully operational but only some flights are going in
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and out of tokyo's international airport. cleanup resumes this morning at the santa cruz harbor where the tsunami caused millions of dollars worth of damage yesterday. they will hold a news conference at 10:30 this morning to update the damage and describe cleanup operation. john allston. >> the power of the ocean put on repeat performances all day long. this wave came barreling through the santa cruz harbor around lunchtime causing more damage and more anxiety. boat owner scott was one of the lucky ones. >> i was here all day long and watched the surges come in. and you don't have any idea the power of the water until you see it in action like this. this is something a lot of people did not expect. >> harbor crews scrambled to
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corral the last few boats that got lose. one still had a hunk of a dock attached to its side. it was destined for the santa cruz rowing club which lost all of its shells, about 15 boats in all. the group was planning a barbecue to raise money so two students could compete in an east coast regatta. it wiped out the rowing program. before 5 p.m. authorities opened up the harbor which brought out boat owners checking for damage along with a crowd of people who came to look and a few that were here to help. >> watching the carnage happen and my friends that left their boats and don't know their condition. >> 30 to 40 sank or were damaged beyond repair. the loss is estimated at $15 million. >> there are a lot of good people down here today taking care of boats and harbor officers did a good job.
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>> the police believe all those are now tied down. vehicles patrol the area from the ground to make sure no other boats broke free and the cleanup will continue at daylight. >> the coast guard has called off a search for a man swept out to sea in northern california. he was taking photos near crescent city when he was hit by a powerful wave. the tide began rising shortly after 7:30 yesterday morning and crested 8 feet. 35 boats in the harbor were damaged or sunk by that surge. for people with loved ones in japan there's been waiting and worrying as they tried to make contact. here's heather ishimaru with more. >> in fremont she's glued to her laptop hoping for word from her dad. her mom is visiting family in another part of japan so her 67-year-old dad was home alone
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when the quake hit. she started calling when she found out what had happened. >> i did call my dad first. the land line didn't connect and i tried then his cellphone and nothing works. >> this is miller's son ethan at the bullet train station and a family picture near her parents' house. now she's not sure what's left of her hometown. >> earlier it was just very eerie, you know. it was very hard to see the devastation. >> she's hoping her dad had gone to an evacuation center and will call as soon as his power comes back on. she believes his house was not in the tsunami's path. >> i've been able to read some friends, their post. try to figure out where about the bay they are and where my dad is. >> in san francisco's japan town, shop owner seth jordan is
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waiting to visit family. other relatives told him she's okay. >> she was due back on sunday. we don't know. i was going to call the airlines and ask. we'll here -- probably this afternoon i'll make a call home. jordan's 14-year-old daughter emma stayed home from school. she said it just didn't feel right to go. >> if anything did happen, like my family, i just didn't want to be at school. >> emma has spent every summer of her life. watching the images of devastation was upsetting to her. she's worried about her mom despite assurances she's okay. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >> coming up next, a group of firemen from japan are here in the bay area learning how to rescue people during a earthquake but how to get home and when.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> we have developing news in new york where 15 people died when their tour bus crashed into a sign post in the bronx. the sign post sheared off the top of the worldwide tour bus along the window line about
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two-thirds of its length. it overturned on the new england through way about 5:30 new york time. six people are hospitalized in critical condition and 11 others suffered minor injuries. back in japan where this one group in the bay area that's being hit particularly hard by the devastation in their homeland. a group of japanese firefighters have been here all week conducting search and rescue training with the fire department. as you can imagine, they're anxious to get back home. wayne freedman is showing us how they're reacting to the disaster. >> when the guys at menlo park's fire protection district train squads from other places, they try to make it real. real took on an entire new meaning. when mike returns to japan, he and his fellow firemen will do there what they did here and conceivably with some of these men from menlo park. the difference it will be for keeps. >> we got the news last night
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about 10:00. >> an interpreter told us the men are frustrated that of all times to leave japan for training, they take the week of their nation's worst national disaster in memory and they're a long way from home. >> three years i'm married. my wife home. >> have you talked to her? >> no. >> is she okay? >> i don't know. >> shears quite a lot these japanese firemen don't know right now including how they will get back or how soon. nobody knows anything right now. >> if you can get these guys out of here -- >> until they do get home, in is the best way to spend their time, a final day of training with weeks and probably months to follow. >> going -- we just -- it was -- we just couldn't speak anything. >> i've never seen such a big
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tsunami. i studied cards. >> one other interesting note about those firefighters. when they come over from japan, they pay their own airfare and they pay for the class. originally they planned to do some sight seeing in san francisco before they go home. now they just want to get back as soon as possible. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> one of san francisco's oldest japanese restaurants is donating some of its profits to the victims of the earthquakes in japan. some will donate proceeds from lunch and dinner services. restaurant owners or staff have been trying to reach friends and family of japan. there's anxious to assist any way they can. this is the owner's son. >> 50% out of all four restaurants and donate those to disaster relief. >> from now until? >> probably a couple weeks, two weeks. >> they hope to raise $20,000. they have been in business
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nearly 30 years in san francisco. it has two restaurants in the sunset district, one downtown and another at san francisco international airport. the magnitude 8.9 earthquake was so powerful, it permanently moved japan's island by about 8 feet. set off microseconds to make the day a bit shorter. shifted axis by 15 centimeters. it's bigger than the quake that rocked the bay area back in 1989. the tsunami created by the initially quake rippled across the entire pacific. it finally reached chili about 21 hours after the quake. there was some evacuation there and very minimal damage. >> a nice day away, a pleasant one. looks like we don't get any rain today but it's coming tomorrow. here's a live shot.
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we're mainly under mostly cloudy skies along the bay area with your accu-weather 7-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, frances. the warriors play their wildest game of the season and attempt to come back from 21 down. do you believe in magic? larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love.
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>> welcome back. frances is here. we've got a dry day but rain is coming. >> rain is coming and it's kind of cloudy right now. it will stay that way throughout the day. outside we'll show you a live shot from mount tamalpais looking toward san francisco. you've got a cloud right there. sunrise at 6:26 this morning. so five minutes to go. tomorrow the sunrise will be at 7:24. don't forget to move your clocks ahead an hour. not looking forward to doing that tonight. a look at temperatures right now we're all in the 40s. this is the coolest time just before sunrise. santa rosa, napa at 40. san francisco at 48. one of the warmer spots. a lot of 47's, upper 40s through the east bay, 41 los gatos. so partly cloudy conditions. mostly more cloudy in the north
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bay. daylight savings time begins officially at 2 a.m. sunday morning. light rain starting tomorrow afternoon. we thought we were gonna get light rain today but it looks like it will hold off until tomorrow. that tsunami advisory still in effect. levels less than 3 feet but means there's dangerous current and surges out there, possibly a rogue wave. the greatest risk is in the harbor and marinas. you still want to stay off the water and off the beaches until this advisory ends and there's no exact time when it will end yet. the satellite image, we have a series of storms bringing us rain throughout the work week. in fact, would you know is headed our way starting tomorrow afternoon. it shows mainly cloudy conditions throughout the day but no rain. then you'll see the areas of light green moving in. by that lunchtime we start to
6:21 am
see rain in the farther bay maybe late morning. spreads southeast. just light rain again into the evening hours and overnight into monday. so nothing major to worry about. you have outdoor plans today, you should be okay. tomorrow you have to deal with light rain in the afternoon for most of us. but some areas you might not see much rain at all. the east bay may not get any measurable rain. a tenth of an inch there. on the peninsula after 1500ths of an inch. higher elevations, we may get more than half an inch. low to mid-60s in the south bay, partly cloudy conditions as well along the peninsula. low 60s for you there. upper 50s along the coast, downtown san francisco. 60 degrees and some upper 50s to low 60s in the north bay. 60 petaluma. look for 60 as well in berkeley and san leandro. and warmer inland up to 65
6:22 am
antioch and brentwood. we'll find mid-60s as well around the monterey bay and the inland areas low 60s around the bay. here's the 7-day forecast. no rain today, rain likely tomorrow starting in the afternoon for most of us. it will be light and then periods of rain all throughout the work week. the temperatures just hangin' around the low to mid-60s. >> for us to go to bed, we go to bed so early but it's dark right now but it's going to get lighter and lighter. tomorrow sun sets at 7:15. hard to get to bed when it's still sunny out. thanks, frances. let's check with new york city to tell us what's coming up on "g.m.a.." >> good morning, jenelle. the news just continues to happen. we'll delve into that explosion damaged from yesterday's massive
6:23 am
earthquake in japan. our team is on the ground with all the latest details. hundreds are dead, even more still missing after that disaster struck the pacific early friday morning. it was the 5th biggest in 100 years. after crippling japan yesterday, that tsunami raced across the pacific for coastal cities along the united states. we'll be joined live from there. planes, trains and subway stops running bringing the system to its knees. how is brought a modern metropolis to a standstill. very scary. >> i know. i can't believe it reached so far over here, 5,000 miles. we look forward to your coverage at 7:00. have a good day. >> thanks, you too. cal plays the 18th ranked owls at at&t park.
6:24 am
one of the most exciting games of the year. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. absolutely amazing warrior's game last night against orlando. the warriors come all the way back and then go to overtime. dwight howard can do the worm? oops! with superman, warriors rallying in a huge way. monta ellis, splash! mid-court, alley >>. warriors down 64-63. comeback continues. huge triple from wright. he has 32 in this game. warriors up one. monta stops and pops and hits. 39. 15 seconds left though. gotta defend the three-point line. tie the game 101. they go to overtime. seth curry. i don't care if there's a big
6:25 am
man at the hoop. over howard somehow. curry with 22. are you serious, monta ellis! his 8th triple of the night. they made 36-3 total. new nba record between the two clubs. warriors had 21 of 'em and that was enough. warriors from 123 and 120. talks between players and owners broke down yesterday. certification follows, litigation next and late last night the nfl officially locked out the players. players and owners were trying to divvy up a $9 billion annual pot. the players like the old deal. the owners want to take a billion back. show us the books the last ten years, prove you were losing money. the owners' rhetoric, they wanted to go to court all along. >> litigate all along. that's unfortunate because all
6:26 am
it means is the eventually resolution of this business dispute is going to be delayed. >> meet us halfway and provide us with a justification for saying no to a new collective bargaining agreement. >> so what does it all mean, the players union dissolved. preventing the league from locking them out but that's already happened now. in the hands of the judge in particular who has ruled against the nfl in the past. all about the lawyers from here on out. he says the players just don't believe the owners are hurting financially and can't understand why the place seem to give a billion back. >> you get the owners don't wanna open up their books and be totally transparent asking for "x" amount back and not show us reasons why. if you want money back, your books should back that up.
6:27 am
we're smart individuals. we're not gonna just take any old deal. >> that's a wrap on sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next at 6:30, the president pledges support to japan following the disastrous earthquake in tsunami while
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♪ here is the very latest from japan in the wake of thursday's magnitude 8.9 earthquake and the following tsunami. an explosion rocked the nuclear power plant after authorities warned of a possible core meltdown. the massive blast tore down the walls of one building and major concerns about the reactor leaking large amounts of radiation. however, a japanese government spokesman says the pressure in the reactor is decreasing. evacuation has been ordered for 12 miles around the plant. the official death toll is 574 and rising. the american red cross is working with the japanese red cross to respond to the disaster. you can text red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation for those affected. google launched an app for the
6:31 am
victims. people can log on to find a loved one or get information about someone. more than 33,000 people have entered their information on the website. we have a leak to that app on our website under "see it on tv." you can find information how you can help the quake victims. president obama spent an unusually long time yesterday answering questions from reporters about a variety of world issues from the quake in japan to libya. one of the topics hitch closer to home than most of us. >> after addressing the breaking news out of japan, president obama turned his attention to the reason he scheduled the press conference in the first place: rising energy prices. over the last two weeks, gas prices have soared. the national average is now $3.54 per gallon. >> families feel the pinch every time they fill up the tank. for americans already facing tough times, it's an added
6:32 am
burden. >> to ease the pain at the pump, the president said he was willing to tap into the strategic reserve. >> not a situation where it would take a big bureaucracy and several weeks to implement. this is something that would take several days. >> americans are tired of just hearing rhetoric from politicians and reiterated the push for comprehensive energy report. part of the reason for the rising energy prices, he said, is the continuing unrest in the middle east, including libya. the president stopped short of calling for military action against moammer gadhafi but said a no fly done is still a possibility. >> we are slowing tightening the noose on qaddafi. he is more and more isolated
6:33 am
internationally as well as an arms embargo. >> his wife and sons, an effort to get those of the libyan leader to defect. >> in his recorded weekly address, mr. obama promises to keep up the fairness act which empowers women a fight for equal pay. they earn 75 cents for every dollar a man earns. >> to give women more power. the paycheck fairness act was blocked by just two votes in the senate. that's why i'm going to keep up to pass the reforms in that bill. >> the president says he cares deeply about the issue. as a father of two daughters, he wants them to grow up in a world where there are no limits to what they can achieve. a tentative agreement to prevent 39 additional layoffs in the school year. the contra costa times report
6:34 am
teachers agreed yesterday to take three unpaid furlough days by june 30th. they plan to hold a vote by the end of the month. union negotiations for next year's contract which takes effect july 1th won't take effect until september. they sent out payoff notices for teaches and staff next year before the state-mandated pink slip deadline. the walnut creek district just announced 3% pay raises for teachers, staff and managers. last night students rallied against state education cuts that threaten their music program. the district did cut $3 million from their budget over three years but the district also kept a large cash reserve. the pay raise is retroactive to july. walnut creek teachers will also be getting more money for
6:35 am
healthcare benefits. >> people spent hours in line yesterday outside bay area apple stores to be the first to get the new i-pad 2 which went on sale 5 p.m.. it stretched several blocks and there was a huge line at the apple store in san francisco. the new i-pad is a thinner, lighter, faster tablet with two cameras and a gyroscope. they did not take preorders so anyone who wants to buy one had to wait in line like everyone else for people willing to wait for delivery, apple began he selling the device online yesterday morning. >> i still have to get the i-pad 1. >> the new ones wanted to give us their old ones. can't wait in line with a toddler. >> our forecast, how's it looking? >> mix of sun and clouds. keep temperatures fairly moderate. a live look outside. a pretty shot from sutro looking north from the golden gate
6:36 am
bridge. rain is on the way. i'll tell you when with your accu-weather 7-day forecast coming up. >> also ahead, a 15-year-old's brave battle for survival and how her story is well this year our garden's simply amazg. how did you do it? eh, takes a lot of love. the real difference is, this year we went to lowe's. well all our lowe's garden club select plants are grown for your local region and selected for peak performance. we get new plants delivered throughout the week and we guarantee our plants and flowers for one whole year. and nobody beats our prices. nobody. so it wasn't me? well, you provided the love. [ male announcer ] experience. lowe's. let's build something together. come into lowe's for buy-one-get-one-free garden seed packs. you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ [ beep ] hey. okay. -these'll do. -yeah.
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the first ever great white shark count is underway and the number is surprisingly low. instead of thousands of sharks off the coast as many expected,
6:39 am
researchers found far fewer as karina rusk reports. she has more. >> for two years a team of researchers has been busy with the great white shark counts. they worked in the fairlawn islands off central california, one of the few known homes to great whites. barbara is a stanford university professor who says years of study and photographs help unlock the population mystery. it turns out the dorsal fin acts like a fingerprint. >> the photographs showed us that we could with marks right on the fin identify individuals and we've actually -- we've seen a shark called t. j. over five times for 22 years of records. >> the marine biologist took more than 300 pictures and made more than 130 unique matches. the findings have just been released in the journal biology letters. >> researchers say they relied on sophisticated mathematical models to determine how many
6:40 am
great white sharks live off california's coastline. that number 219. >> in addition to that precise figure, the team came up with a population range from a low of 130 to a high of 275. dr. chris harold warns this first ever count should not automatically trigger alarm. >> it's only a number, and we don't know whether that number's going up or going down. we don't know whether that number is somehow too big or too little. it's just a number. >> the lone number this itself does indicate there's room for error when it comes to white sharks. >> we have to remember that they are threatened, that these animals do interact with human fishing gear and they need in all forms of their life history to be protected. >> since a great white has no predators except man, there is a logical source for credit or a blame if the number changes.
6:41 am
in pacific grove, karina rusk, abc 7 news. >> meteorologist frances dinglasan is here this weekend. so nice to see you on a saturday. you had to work all week. >> nice to be here. it's going to be a nice day ahead. i think you're going to enjoy it. a lake wind advisory in the tahoe area. this beautiful shot shows things looking pretty calm right now but the wind advisory not in effect until this afternoon. closer to home, looking from our roof camera out towards the bay bridge. the sunrise kind of hidden in the distance there behind the clouds. so today we're gonna see a lot of clouds but right now if you're heading out the door shortly, temperatures are still in the 40s. they're climbing up in the next hour or so. 40 santa rosa and napa. 43 san jose and 48 in san francisco. cloudier as we head to the north bay. daylight saving time begins
6:42 am
tomorrow morning at 2 a.m.. so set your clock ahead tonight. light rain expected through the afternoon. doesn't look like it's going to be expected today. the tahoe area, this in effect from noon until 7:00. gusts up to 35 mph and this could mean wave heights of 2 to 3 feet in the lake tahoe area. if you're in a small boat, you don't want to be out there. they could easily capsize. the specific satellite image, we've got this area, low pressure that's going to bring us rain sunday. in the pacific more low pressure systems bringing us some rain almost every day through the work week. so we have an active pattern ahead. here's a look at the forecast model how the rain plays out through the week. today just clouds and by tomorrow late morning is when we start to see light rain move in towards the north bay.
6:43 am
it will start to slide southeast and then we'll see rain for the entire bay area but very light throughout the afternoon hours. there's some areas where they might not even get much measurable lane in the south bay and east bay. mid to low 60s san jose and the south bay. partly cloudy as well on the peninsula. low 63 there. upper 50s along the coast into san francisco, downtown up to 60 degrees. we'll see some upper 50s to low 60s as well through the north bay. 62 santa rosa, 59 vallejo. you'll find near 60 degrees in the east bay, 61 castro valley and getting up to 65 degrees in the interior area such as antioch and brentwood. mid-60s as well through morgan hill, gilroy and hollister and low 60s around the monterey bay. we'll hold off the rain until tomorrow but we've got the cloudy conditions throughout the
6:44 am
day. move your clock ahead an hour. wake up tomorrow morning. sunrise at 7:24. sun set at 7:15. there will be rain and have your umbrella handy throughout the week. >> just went sour. >> not because of the rain but the time change! >> i know. but the kids love it because they'll have more daylight. >> but hard for us to get to bed earlier. frances, thank you so much. we have the story of a 15-year-old girl from anchorage, alaska. she's here waiting for a heart transplant and her condition is just too fragile to leave. cheryl jennings visited with hanna at lucille packard children's hospital at stanford. >> you do need to make -- >> 15-year-old hanna is learning new things every day. she waits for a heart transplant at packard children's hospital in stanford. she's going to school inside the hospital. it's provided by the palo alto
6:45 am
school district and helps her keep her mind off her situation. hanna has had a complex surgical procedure done for people born with only one pumping chamber in the heart rather than two. that procedure isn't working well anymore. her weak heart makes her feel tired all the time. she's coming into the hospital now every few weeks for replacement therapy. >> while we were visiting we saw hanna starting to have a reaction to the infusion she had the day before. she tried to be brave and tough it out. it turned into a terrible migraine but she's okay now. the best present she could ever get is a new heart. she is a precious living reminder of the need for organ donors. >> it's not part of daily life. it involves matters of death and very few of us want to approach
6:46 am
those issues unless we really have to. >> we always encourage people to check the box on their driver's license so that all of us can be in a position where we're helping others even in our own demise. >> the houses is a place where hanna and her momentum can call home for as long as they need it. >> our last family from anchorage was at the house more than two years. but, of course, we're hoping that hanna has a quicker but equally good outcome. >> hanna's mom is tied to a cellphone waiting for the call that will change her daughter's life. they're far away from the rest of the family in anchorage, alaska, so the family came to visit during spring break from school. >> hanna is -- i can still hang out with. and she's funny. >> i just want her to get well and come home as soon as possible so she can go back to
6:47 am
normal. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> you can join cheryl, mike nicco at the fund-raiser tonight in mountain view. just go to and look at "see it on tv" for details. coming up next, a bay area woman's tortuous effort to get giants playoff tickets. >> i'm like, wow, how could that happen. [ female announcer ] we asked coffee lovers to come and try coffee-mate's new cafe collection flavors. then we asked them to show us how the taste inspired them. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] introducing new rich caramel macchiato. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] indulgent white chocolate caramel latte. ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] and creamy cafe latte. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] add your flavor... with coffee-mate, from nestle.
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as the new season dawns for the san francisco giants, thousands of fans are still giddy from the amazing world series victory but for one dedicated fan the euphoria went cold when she thought she had tickets to the national league game. be cautious when you go online to find event tickets. >> here's a 2-2. >> you remember the excitement, the thrilling torture as the giants inch ever closer to the world series. >> i was watching all the games on tv. and the more they won, the more excited i got.
6:51 am
>> lori remembers it well. game 4 at at&t park. the giants playing the phillies for the national league title. and in the bottom of the 9th, a dramatic tie breaker. it scored the winning run. the giants were one victory away from the world series. fans were going nuts. lori was one of them at home jumping up and down. >> i started getting excited and thought i need to be there tomorrow night when they clench the championship. >> lori was online searching for tickets. up popped this website, it had plenty of seats. she snapped up two tickets at $140 each then dreamed of the next day. >> i was so excited. i went to bed that night knowing i was going to the game. >> lori woke up raring to go and then the crushing blow. >> when i went to the site, i
6:52 am
got a message that said, sorry, somebody purchased the tickets a couple seconds before you. >> lori didn't have tickets after all. her seats were sold to someone else. she called the actual sell are called she could still buy the tickets but now they'd each cost $100 more for worse seats. >> and i didn't think it was fair there were people out there selling tickets telling people they have them and then pulling them back and saying, no, the only way you can get them is pay more money. >> she watched the game at home. contacted 7 on your side and we contacted tickets liquidator. it's an online market place and the website warns orders are not completely. they rely on this ticket liquidator receipt saying her order is being processed.
6:53 am
we went to the seller. said another customer bought tickets seconds before she did. >> hard to hear those kind of stories. >> we offered her a chance to come to another game. >> the vice president for ticket sales. the team has nothing to do with the ticket sales. gave lori two free tickets to a game of her choice. >> nothing could compare to the playoff game. if they want to give them to me, i'll be glad to go to a game. >> they said order tickets at their website or stubhub, the secondary market site. >> coming up next, an annual run for the seals that honor the sea lions. find out how you can help the one shot and blinded last year. [ female announcer ] most women in america
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's megamillions draw, 14, 19, 21, 42, 45 and the meganumber 6. nobody picked all six numbers correctly so tuesday night's jackpot, $172 million. we could be rich! buy your tickets.
6:57 am
well, a 160 year tradition rolls up market street today. the festival begins at 10:00 this morning and goes all the way to the civic center. the largest irish event west of the mississippi features a colorful festival with music, food and fun until 5:00 this afternoon. 1 million irish decedents live here in the bay area. the run for the seals benefiting the marine mammal center begins at 9:30 this morning. road closures begin at 8:30 in the marin headlands. it's in honor of a sea lions named silent knight. she was found last september suffering from a gunshot wound. he has mostly recovered and take up permanent residence at the san francisco zoo. the walks have raised $46,000 to square for marine mammals. the goal of $50,000 they're hoping to get by race time.
6:58 am
>> there's still a tsunami advisory for our coast but it will be a pleasant day for the st. patrick's day parade in san francisco. temperatures around 60 degrees in san francisco and you'll find some low 60s as well around the bay, 64 morgan hill. mostly cloudy conditions today but rain is on the way. we're gonna see it tomorrow by about lunchtime in the north bay it moves south and then light rain spread into the overnight hours into monday. then we have a series of systems that move in through the bay area all throughout the week bringing us periods of rain but temperatures right around the 60s. we
6:59 am
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